The Hobo Express….Washington 1979

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Tramps ‘n Chinamen built these railroads. They laid these tracks, gangs a Chinamen n’ tramps.  Tramps broke their motherfuckin’ backs on these lines; hauled ties, drove spikes, laid rails, all by hand. None a this modern ‘quipment like they got now. I done my share a gandyin’. Gandied in the old days. Worked sunup to sundown on these tracks.

When that highline was finished, The Great Northern, Burlin’ton, the man in charge said any tramp could ride fer free. That’s right, he said let ‘em ride. Guess he figgered that whole line was built on the sweat a tramps, so why not let ‘em ride. There ain’t no way they’re gonna keep a tramp off these trains anyways. A tramp’ll ride the conductor’s mustache if he has to.