Andy….Washington 1980

WICKUM-1-FB1200-030 copy

Hell, it gits too bad, if some’um’s botherin’ me, I jus’ ride it out, ride it outta my system. Ya ride awhile, n’ ya see this worl’s bigger n’ got more problems ta take care a than what was eatin’ at ya. Ya grab yerself a rat’ler ‘n git on down the line somewheres. Ya stay in one spot ‘n ya git ta feelin’ closed in, loosin’ yer grip on things. Ya might git inta a squabble with a guy ‘bout some’um that don’t mean nothin’, but the two a ya’s at each other’s throats ‘cause at the time it seems pretty damn important. Then ya git ya some room, git on a rat’ler, ‘n hell, ya see them diff’rences don’t mean nothin’ on the scale a things. Ya pass farms ‘n towns, n’ yer squabble don’t mean a thing ta any of it. Ya watch the countryside roll by, ‘n pretty soon ya fergit what was eatin’ ya.