Teto’s Knife….Washington 1980

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Don’t travel the way I used to. Been settin’up camp in one spot for awhile ‘n callin’ it home. Got a good lean-to, near permanent. Las’ year, it was Elko. This year I’m callin’ Wenatchee, the apple yards, my home.  Stayin’ clear a them pear yards; too much goin’ on up there by that ice house.

I make knives to sell. Make ‘em from the crown of the rail where it gets wore over. Break off a piece of that steel ‘n work it till it gets to be a good blade. Takes about three days of filin’ to get it right, to where it’s a good cuttin’ blade. That rail steel is good ‘n strong. Then I set to makin’ the handle out of scrap stuff I find in the yards.