Trigger….Nevada 1979

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What I do when I get a hol’ a some money is buy me an armful a can goods, an’ get some plastic, an’ wrap ‘em up real good, an’ bury ‘em at night when nobody’s ‘roun’. Bury ‘em wherever I think I might be needin’ ‘em. The day comes ‘roun’ when I be low on change, I dig ‘em up an’ eat good. Got cans buried ev’rywhere, all up an’ down this line. Up north too. Got ‘em ‘long the high line. Wherever I might be ridin’ one day, I got food waitin’. Never go hungry.  Got food at ev’ry division. Got the idea from watchin’ squirrels. Squirrels never go hungry.

Never had none a my spots foun’. Cover ‘em up good, jus’ like they was b’fore the hole was dug. Leave the groun’ to look nat’chl. One thing I won’t do, won’t go to bury nothin’ if I’m drunk. Won’t r’member where the hole’s dug. Happened once in Oroville. Couldn’ r’member where the sons a bitches was buried.

If it happens I ain’t hit a spot in a long time, I’ll dig the cans up when I’m through there, eat the food, an’ bury new cans again. It’s like money in the bank. I won’t never go hungry.