Bitterroot Mountains….Idaho 1974

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Ya see some pretty-ass country from this railroad. Goddamned nicest country ya ever laid eyes on. Them mountain passes ‘n all them pines ‘n waterfalls ‘n rivers so clear ya cain’t hardly tell there’s water runnin’ in ‘em, see clean ta the bottom way out the middle where they’s deep. Then whatta ya go ‘n do, ya git off in a damn railroad yard next ta some smelly ol’ fact’ry er junkyard er someplace, ‘n bed down in a dirty-ass jungle, like ta be a trash heap with so many bottles n’ cans throwed ‘roun’. ‘N ya gotta watch where ya set ‘n lay yer bedroll. Yeah, ya see the best ‘n the worst a this here country. Ya see the best, but ye’ll likely end up spendin’ mos’ yer time livin’ in the worst.